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Titan Fuel Tank

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Just saw Titan Fuel Tanks released a 48 gallon replacement tank for the F-150 Diesel. I think its time to extend the range of my 2019 platinum even further...
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Wow nice! I had a Titan before in my 250
$1,249, very interesting! Thanks.
Wow, this would be killer awesome!!! Definitely interested! I wonder if the weight of the extra 22 gallons of fuel when full will impact mpg fuel economy. 6.943 pounds/gallon = 152.75 pounds of extra weight with a full 48 gallons over our 26 gallon tank. Also, the bigger 48 gallon tank probably adds weight over the 26 gallon tank as well.

That is one of the things I thought I would miss from my 2010 is the 36 gallon tank. Now going to a 48 gallon tank with better fuel economy than the 2010 would be splendid! It would be insane as you would be getting 960-1200 miles on a single tank.

There is even a FORScan mod for the Super Duty's with the Titan fuel tanks, and there is a code for the 48 gallon tank! Tweak this code with FORScan after the new tank is installed and DTE and everything else will calibrate correctly.

Change Fuel Tank Size
IPC 720-03-01 ... xxx* **xx xxxx ... xxx* **xx xxxx
Change asterisks to one of the following: 4 4A=30 Gal, 5 07=34 Gal, 5 EA=40 Gal, 7 19=48 Gal, 7 65=50 Gal, 8 22=55 Gal (This parameter is programmed to accept 4 digit Liters in this format XXX.x 55gal converts to liters of 208.198L so 208.2L rounded then drop the decimal 2082 decimal to HEX equal 822.)

More research would be needed to know exactly how to make this change properly, but it looks to be doable!

Does anyone who has an FX4 Off Road Package know if we have a skid plate protecting the fuel tank? I am wondering how this 48 gal Titan tank fits within the skid plate area (if exists) and whether a larger skid plate would be needed or not? Looking for others to chime in on this--thanks.
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I just did an online chat with Titan, and the 48 gallon tank can only be put on the F150 Long Bed (6.5') Power Stroke. Lucky for me that is what mine is, so this is an option for me to consider now.

Titan online support agent said that the OEM tank is linear polymer and Titan is a cross linked military grade polymer and comes with a lifetime warranty. I asked him how resistant is the tank to impact damage from rocks if off-roading--his response: Very resistant. They really are incredibly strong. All of our products are strong enough to survive our brutal drop test. Here is a awesome video to watch:

I asked him if skid plate protection is required--his response: It's not necessary. We offer them on some tanks, but its more for peace of mind. I have personally seen the full weight of trucks on them against rocks in Moab, and they come away with no damage. The durability of the material is why we are the only ones in the entire industry with a lifetime warranty.

I mentioned the FORScan mod--his response: As far as the readouts go, your fuel gauge will read correct. The readout of range/distance to empty (DTE) will read incorrect and is the only thing that will read incorrect. Forscan is definitely a great option and we also just released an app & OBD connector that will display the range/distance to empty on your smartphone in real time. It is found here:
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Looks like I am out with the 5.5' bed in my Platinum FX4... :frown2:

I factory-ordered my 2018 F150 Diesel Platinum FX4 with the same exact options as my factory-ordered 2015 F150 Platinum FX4 with the exception of only one option: The 36-gallon extended fuel tank. As we all know now, this option is not available on the F150 Diesels because the 5.5 gallon DEF tank takes up the spot where the 36-gallon extended fuel tank would go.

To be honest I am filling up my 26-gallon diesel tank in my 2018 at a much lower frequency (14+ days) than the 36-galllon extended tank on my 2015 (every 10-12 days), and because of the 26-gallon tank, I am only dropping $70-$75/tank now instead of hitting the $100 pump limit before. Based on this math, it sure feels like I am getting a lot better city/local gas mileage in my 2018 compared to my 2015.

48 gallon tank x 25 Miles/Gallon = (mind blown)
I spent some more time studying the FORScan change required if swapping OEM 26 gallon tank for Titan 48 gallon tank...

IPC: 720-03-01
As Built Value: 6003 D900 0067 (3D9 = 26 gallon tank)
Modified Value: xxx7 19xx xxxx (719 = 48 gallon tank)

Below is how the math works out on this...

Comments in FORScan spreadsheet:
4 4A=30 Gal, 5 07=34 Gal, 5 EA=40 Gal, 7 19=48 Gal, 7 65=50 Gal, 8 22=55 Gal (This parameter is programmed to accept 4 digit Liters in this format XXX.x 55gal converts to liters of 208.198L so 208.2L rounded then drop the decimal 2082 decimal to HEX equal 822.

kdjasper calculation validations:
26 gal = 98.4207 liters = 984 decimal = 3D8 hex ... (985 decimal = 3D9 As Built Value)
30 gal = 113.562 liters = 1136 decimal = 470 hex (FORScan comment in error)
34 gal = 128.704 liters = 1287 decimal = 507 hex
40 gal = 151.416 liters = 1514 decimal = 5EA hex
48 gal = 181.7 liters = 1817 decimal = 719 hex ... this should be precise as no rounding was needed going from liters to decimal
50 gal = 189.271 liters = 1893 decimal = 765 hex
55 gal = 208.198 liters = 2082 decimal = 822 hex

So, it looks like Distance to Empty (DTE) could even be more accurate with the 48 gallon Titan tank over the 26 gallon OEM tank because of the 3D8/3D9 caused by rounding for the 26 gallon tank calculation.

Now that my head is into this, I am confident swapping out for the bigger tank when it becomes available.
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I was thinking about putting one of these in my bed.

Custom Marine Fuel Tanks
I was thinking about putting one of these in my bed.

Be careful with a metal tank. I have see a lot people with rust and condensation issues. That is why I go with Titan so I don't have to worry about that type of stuff.
I probably wont mess with it, but thanks for the heads up!
One thing that I was thinking about today as I was running down the fuel in my tank ahead of a refill...

The "50 Miles to Empty" warning message appeared on the display. I knew the next warning would be "25 Miles to Empty" and likely another one at "10 Miles to Empty"--haven't yet seen this one as I have only got down to 13 miles to empty.

With a 48 gallon Titan tank, "50 Miles to Empty" would likely be a very slim sliver of orange bar right close to the E since the tank will have a range > 1,000 miles. With this in mind, I am wondering if it is possible to reprogram with FORScan the distance to empty miles when these warnings would pop up on the display. I did some quick research but have not come up with how to do this yet. I am thinking like the first warning "100 Miles to Empty", then "50 Miles to Empty", then "25 Miles to Empty", but not sure it can be done.
It looks like Titan has the 48 gal replacement tank 'In Stock' now, but states "This tank will begin shipping the first week of April, 2019". Looks like I need to work with my Ford dealer to get this ordered and scheduled for a replacement install. I am also going to see if the mechanic can swap out the fuel inlet with a Super Duty one that can take the larger girth big rig nozzle so that it doesn't take me as much time to fill it up (I know my 2010 F150 with the 36 gal tank seemed to take forever--always felt sorry for whoever was next in line behind me!). The install requires removal and reinstallation of the fuel inlet anyways, so I figure since it is out then possibly a larger inlet could be put back in, but I am not sure if this is doable or not.

Here is the link to the tank for those interested --> 2018-19 FORD F150 Crew Cab, Short Bed - Generation 6 TITAN Fuel Tank, 48 Gallons (7021218)

As stated in a previous post above, you need to have the 6.5' long bed to support the additional length of this tank over stock OEM (there is a photo within the link above that shows the two side by side).
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So I went to my dealer 2 weeks ago and asked them to order me up the 48 gallon Titan replacement tank. I went in again Monday morning to follow-up on it. They finally called me back yesterday and said Titan is experiencing a much higher demand for this tank than they were expecting, and that they already have enough orders to put new order deliveries 6 weeks out! (Of course this didn't make me happy since I was in 2 weeks ago asking them to get one on order for me--argh!, and if they would have done what I asked when I asked maybe I wouldn't be at the bottom of the order fulfillment list.).

Anyhow, just wanted to post an update on this, so if anyone else with the 6.5' long bed was considering doing this that you are informed of the demand and lead time to obtain the replacement tank.

I also asked my aftermarket guys to check to see if the capless fuel inlet on our trucks could be swapped out for the capped Super Duty inlet that could accept the high flow big rig diesel fuel pump nozzles, so I will post an update once I have an answer back on that. I have been researching pros-cons of both inlets (i.e., capless vs. capped), and not sure I would switch over to the Super Duty inlet if I could--would be interested in others opinions on this. The way I look at it, I will probably only be going to fill up every ~3 weeks with the 48 gallon tank, so taking a little longer to fuel up with the lower flow pump nozzle wouldn't really be that big a deal.
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I would love to know about the bigger fill cap. I have the 5.5 bed so titan is not an option for me but sometimes have a difficult time finding the smaller nozzles.
KD. Did they give you a price on the installation of the 48 gallon tank??
48 gallons of diesel at 7lbs a gallon is around over 300lbs. Presumably you reduce the payload on the truck and trailer accordingly.
48 gallons of diesel at 7lbs a gallon is around over 300lbs. Presumably you reduce the payload on the truck and trailer accordingly.
I provided this info in Post #4 of this thread..."6.943 pounds/gallon = 152.75 pounds of extra weight with a full 48 gallons over our 26 gallon tank. Also, the bigger 48 gallon tank probably adds weight over the 26 gallon tank as well."...probably looking at ~175 pound max difference when comparing the two tanks at full capacity, which is not a payload reduction concern for me the way I have historically operated my trucks.

@Knifeman my dealer has a standard fee for all Titan Tank installs: $2,000 which includes the cost of the tank and the labor to do the installation. I would be interested if any of you ask your dealers what the total cost would be for them to do it for you.
Hey guys, I just had my truck in the shop yesterday morning and drove it home today with the 48-gallon Titan replacement tank installed. I also had my fuel filters replaced since it was in the shop and I am very close to the 300 Engine Hours recommended change interval when using biodiesel. $2,315 out the door with both of those jobs done with taxes included. The Aftermarket Manager told me the mechanics that drive the 6.7 replace the fuel filters every 15K miles (biodiesel). I was at 10,775 in the door, and I will be at 15K within 2 months anyway, so since I was in the shop it was a good time to get that done also.

My dealer uses the same mechanic to install all the Titan replacement tanks, and seems this guy has years of experience doing many of them and he is the only one in their shop that does them. Of course I had to be his 1st F150 to do, but he told the Aftermarket Manager that it went very well like how it goes on the Super Duty's, so that was reassuring. There was not an option to swap out for the bigger Super Duty filler cap, so I have the same capless inlet still that everyone has, but the Aftermarket Manager said they are going to the capless because the capped ones eventually end up leaking and causing CEL code to appear (I do have the Audi funnel that I will carry in the truck in case I am at a place where I need fuel and can only find the big nozzle pumps; although, with the longer cruising range now I should be able to avoid this.).

The installer really appreciated that I brought the truck into them with the FORScan mod already done to change the tank size, as it made it really easy for him to see that things were correct after the install. In case anyone else will be upsizing their 6.5' bed trucks to the 48-gallon Titan tank here is the FORScan mod to make...

Feature: Change Fuel Tank Size
Module: IPC
Address: 720-03-01
Original Value: 6003 D900 0067 (26-gallon tank)
Changed Value: xxx7 19xx xxxx (48-gallon tank) (x = unchanged Original Value)
Notes: 3D9 = 26-gallon, 719 = 48-gallon. The checksum will alter the last block of 4 xxxx Changed Value, so they will end up different than 0067.

I made the above FORScan mod the night prior to taking the truck in. I was at like 47 miles to empty, then after the mod jumped up to like 203 miles to empty, so I knew the mod worked. The mod also temporarily reset my mpg average to 00.0 on Trip 1 and Trip 2, but when I started up the truck in the morning that was restored back to what they were. I did pump in 3 additional gallons before handing the truck over to them. Now the truck with the larger tank is 57 miles to empty, and I think I am going to wait to see the 50 miles to empty warning pop up before fueling back up just to see that trigger--I can say that there will be a very thin slice of orange on the gauge when that happens. I will probably going forward refuel when down to 1/4 tank, which is the best practice for diesels from what I have read (helps keep water from entering the fuel via condensation).

I'll post some more updates once I have some more experience using the bigger tank.
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Jealous of the 48gal tank. I would drop the money *today* to have a larger tank in my 5.5’ bed..
Jealous of the 48gal tank. I would drop the money *today* to have a larger tank in my 5.5’ bed..
If you dont mind taking up a little bed space, here is what alot of guys around me have. They also make ones with tool boxes.

RDS Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
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