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Updated 2018 Service Information- Helm Manual

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I just spotted this on Ford F150 Forum:

If you have a 2018 with the diesel engine, you may be interested to know that Ford has finally provided Helm Inc. with the correct Service Information CD.

The Version 1.0 CD, September 2017, as some of us have found out, did not list the 3.0 diesel engine in "Group 03: Engine". At my request, Helm sent me the updated CD after taking the issue up with Ford. The CD was temporarily unavailable late this past fall while Ford sorted out the issue.

The CD is now available at Version 2.0, March 2019, and it has a "SECTION 303-01E: Engine - 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel".

Have a great new year!
I am not sure if anyone here has the 2018 but it looks like the 2019 version is good to go. Here is the link to the original thread: Updated 2018 Service Information
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