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Use Waze on Car Play

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The resolution to this was found through the dealer IT guy. Took about five minutes in the truck with me.

I have a IPOD connected to the truck all the time. The truck will not recognize WAZE on my phone if the IPOD is connected prior to the phone. The fix is to unplug the IPOD, connect the phone and then plug the IPOD back in.
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Must be a common question. My dealer sent me home with instructions for this very issue. These instructions are specific to an iPhone. Hopefully this helps-

1. Download or update Waze
2. Open Waze on iPhone
3. Disable Apple Car Play- because SYNC Applink and CarPlay cannot run at the same time, SYNC3 will remember this setting and CarPlay will stay disabled until you enable it again. Go to Settings-Apple CarPlay- Preferences- Disable.
4. Connect the iPhone to SYNC 3 AppLink- connect phone with USB cable to the truck USB port.
5. Ensure mobile apps are enabled within Sync 3- Go to Settings- Mobile Apps- Enable Mobile Apps- On and agree to the terms
6. Press Apps on the SYNC 3 Feature bar and select WAZE. You will be asked "Please select a default Navigation App" Select the WAZE title. SYNC 3 will remember your preference on future connections.

Hope this helps.
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My Waze is useless. Works great but shows me going about 10 mph faster than I am.

Waze says it is Ford's issue and apparently Ford can fix it with a Sync update that should only cost about $100.
The speed being off on Waze makes it only good for checking traffic and directions, the ETA is worthless with the 10mph difference (or more, seems to change according to your actual speed). Extremely annoying.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has the 10mph speed difference, but disappointing there is not a fix. I ran the SYNC update per Ford, but that didn't solve it. The extremely annoying thing is that it's not just Waze, it's any app on iPhone using GPS. I did use one app and changed the units to knots, which made it a lot closer (knot=1.15mph). We need a ForScan geek to get in there and figure out how we can fix it!
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