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Weathertech mudflaps

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Decided today to buy front and rear mudflaps for my white platinum today. Weathertech makes a nice set of no drill flaps. Have a plastic protective film that keeps flap from touching the paint.
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Post pics!
I had my Ford dealer install Gatorback mud flaps front and rear on mine. I saw the Gatorback's on an F150 in the showroom floor when I was in for some aftermarket work and was so impressed with them that I had to have them on my truck. Someone commented that the front mud flaps will keep the power deploy running boards free of snow and slush that the front tires may throw up at them, and I can state this to be true as I only have had them on for a few weeks now and have noticed the difference.

Gatorback mud flaps installed by my dealer weren't cheap, like $601 out the door, but I really like them and they will protect from throwing rocks back at my Ranger boat that I will be towing once we switch over from hard water ice fishing to open water boat fishing. I know some guys put on additional rock protection flaps back off their trailer hitch set up, but I have done fine just running mud flaps in the past.

I have to say that my 2010 F150 King Ranch came stock with mud flaps, so I was a bit surprised that the coin one has to drop on these upper trim lines in 2018/2019 do not come standard with mud flaps and even wheel well liners if we want to be particular.

This is slightly off topic, but I ended up with Husky Liner Xact Contour front floor mats and WeatherTech rear floor liner. I started with Husky in the rear, didn't like the fit so had them send me another and still didn't like the fit, but they were great at refunding my money. The WeatherTech in the rear floor liner was a much better fit than the Husky, I mean a pretty big difference.
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Just ordered Weathertech today, will let you know how they fit
Alright @kdjasper -- you and @RocknRescue lured me on these Gatorback mud flaps. They look of very high quality but kinda surprised they can't punch-the-holes-to-order for your vehicle when you order them, as it looks like there are only two (2) online outlets for them (sharptruck.com and realtruck.com)

Couple questions for either of you:
  1. Where did you guys purchase yours from?
  2. Any idea why you can get the "new" F250 and F350 logon style thru either vendor above but the F150 ones are the previous generation (2010-2014) logo?
  3. Are they truly "no-drill" mud flaps? (I watched both front & Rear F150 install videos and I didn't see a drill)
  4. Can I get some close-up pics of them installed on either of your trucks where the mounting brackets connect?
Thanks in advance.
I bought mine from my local Ford dealer aftermarket shop and had them do the install. They said that they are not a very easy install, because they do it in a way so as to not cause future corrosion with the mounting approach (so yeah, probably a no drill approach). They are made in Canada, and the ones I wanted were on backorder and I had to wait a month or more for them to come in.

Mine have FX4 on the rear facing side of them, but their are lots of options to choose from and those plates on the back of the mud flaps can be swapped out if you want to change them to something else in the future.

I'll see if I can't get some close up pics tomorrow in the daylight and get them posted here.
I got Weathertech front and rear installed, not as easy to install as they make out to be, but fit really nice. I have Husky rear inner fender liners so I ended up using the factory bolt (one on bottom that gets replaced with Weathertech bolt) on the upper part of the rear mud flap. Factory bolt is shorter than Weathertech bolt, therefore clearing my fender liner.
Hard to get good photos, but see attached below...


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I order mine through the Ford dealership I was buying my truck from. When the truck finally came after a long delay, the paid for and installed the gator back mud flaps. Excellent quality, very happy with them.
Also, you can buy different logos online and they also do customs. Truckhardware.ca
@kdjasper - thanks for the pics...
@RocknRescue - thanks for the links -- I think I found the magic combination to order what I want...

To the both of you, one last question: Any ideas how they would hold up if you take them thru an automated carwash with a rotating brush for the rocker panels?

Going to ask my car wash guys what they policy is for mud flaps and if they have issues/claims:
  • I have an unlimited wash plan for the winter months
  • I have been taking advantage of the unlimited part due the many small storms we have had in the Northeast this season
  • Roads up here are still covered in salt since we haven't had a good rain yet

I like what I see with the Gatorbacks in terms of quality and build, so the answer to this last question may be the go/no-go deal breaker.

My dealership only works with the factory Ford mud flaps, but my Service Manager is looking at this brand for his Raptor: ROKBLOXZ Ford F-150 2015+ Mud Flaps
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I have been through the Paradise Car Wash (automatic wash) here with mine and no problem. If they are installed properly, these Gatorbacks aren't going anywhere--really good quality mud flaps. Also, Paradise Car Wash accepts accountability should they cause any damages as you stated.

I would say get the Gatorbacks and you will love them--I do!
I agree with @kdjasper, excellent quality. I don’t think you will have an issue with the auto car wash, they have flexibility to them, they are not extremely rigid like others. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!! Good luck!!
I too have front and rear Weathertechs. I've been thru the automatic car wash with under carriage wash, side blasters at least 10 times now. The flaps didn't loosen or move around. Install was not quick but easy, no drilling. The only issue would be the area molded for the latch holds mud. Mud then is thicker and doesn't wash off as fast when I use a wash bay, no biggie. I live on a gravel road so they get used!
I know this is a Weathertech mudflap thread, but I just want to follow-up on what I found/decided on: Truck Hardware "Gatorback" splash guards/mudflaps

After a lot of Internet research, I have found that the best price/deal on these Gatorback splash guards is.... (drumroll please) Your local Ford dealer

I now understand why @kdjasper and @RocknRescue how/why they had their dealer installed before they picked their vehicles up: Gatorbacks are a Ford-authorized Accessory

My dealer doesn't play in the Ford accessory market (they are not listed in the dealer search when you click on the "Find local pricing" link) by stocking/pushing authorized Ford accessories as part of their new car sales strategy, but I asked and they ordered the following Ford part # for me: Splash Guards - Gatorback by Truck Hardware, Front Pair, w/F-150 Black Decal

While the above link is for the FRONT Gatorback splash guard kit, you will not be able to find the matching REAR Gatorback splash guard kit (for any style) on accessories.ford.com, but the Parts Counter person at your local dealership can order both front and rear kits internally thru the Ford Parts system.

Here are my reasons why you want to go with the Ford Part#/Kit:
  1. The mudflaps in the Ford kits are pre-cut/pre-drilled (ones thru distributor are not)
  2. The Ford kits include both the mudflaps and the "no-drill" aluminum mount kits
  3. The price for the combined kit (mudflaps & brackets) is cheaper than ordering each individually (which is what I was planning to do)
  4. There is zero charge for shipping if you chose the "Ship-to-Dealer" option (I would have had to paid two different shipping charges if I ordered individually)
  5. Shipping is lightening quick using Ford's internal distribution/shipping network (Dealer ordered Thursday afternoon & received by 8AM Friday morning)
  6. 10%-30% discount on Ford parts & accessories depending on time of year (e.g. 30% off offer on Ford parts/accessories during Black Friday last year)
  7. Ford-certified installation videos on YouTube for their Gatorback kits:
Having seen/felt these Gatorback mudflaps in-person now, I now agree with @kdjasper and @RocknRescue with regard to build quality and appearance:
  • These are very, very nice mudflaps and in my opinion well-worth the price
  • My Service Manager couldn't believe how heavy they were compared to the RokBloxz on his just installed on his Raptor
  • My Service Manager was however worried about the negative impact their weight would have on my fuel economy :wink2:
Mine will be dealer-installed next Tuesday or Wednesday = looking forward to getting them installed
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  • My Service Manager was however worried about the negative impact their weight would have on my fuel economy :wink2:
Mine will be dealer-installed next Tuesday or Wednesday = looking forward to getting them installed
I had no noticeable impact on fuel economy.

You are going to love these Gatorbacks! Good choice @jmperlik and thanks for doing all that research for others as well. I didn't research all that much, not even on price, I just saw them on an F150 on my dealer's indoor showroom and told the aftermarket manager to order up a set for me and install them--I was that impressed with the quality!
Don't mean to comment late but had to say that I bought the Gatorbacks and, man, they are good quality and look super nice. Got the gunmetal gray ford emblems and they match my black truck real well and keep the spray down for sure. They are pricey but found the best price at my local Ford dealer as well and they shipped to the dealer for free too. The rubber flap is way better than rigid plastic guards. I've ripped hard plastic mudguards off on other trucks such as on a gravel road if you drop the tire in a pot hole, the downward hit to the guards is too much for the rigid plastic and off it pops. That seems to happen to the fronts more than the rears for some reason. Coverage is better on these than plastic guards I've seen too. Anyways, this thread helped me make the decision to buy these. Thanks y'all!

A few things to note: They are a serious pain to put on. "Instructions" are a single diagram that helps but watch the youtube vids jmperlik posted above. I like to do things myself but if you're not inclined to do the work, be assured your money toward dealer install is very well spent. I bought wheel well liners (for the rear of course) and installed them at the same time and I don't know if it's because my truck didn't come with liners from the factory but the single retained factory bolt, the top-most bolt on the bracket that you have to drill the hole in the liner for, just wasn't long enough. Not enough close. HOWEVER, if you're also installing the fronts (like I was), there are bolts you remove and replace with bolts from the kit and those bolts are actually the same as the ill-fitting bolt from the rear you are supposed to reuse but longer!! They install perfectly with that so do the front first and reuse those leftover bolts!!
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@Kingford welcome to the Gatorbacks club!

I can say that Gatorbacks are not indestructible. When I was off-roading in NW Ontario to fish remote lakes in July, my driver side rear tire completely and instantly exploded and the Gatorback on that wheel fell casualty to the tire explosion. It cost me $300 to replace that one Gatorback (dealer installed), and now I have a spare Gatorback for the passenger rear new in the box as they are only sold in front/rear complete sets.

That came to be an expensive tire explosion, because as soon as I got home from the trip off came the P-rated junk tires and on went Michelin LT-rated tires on all 4 + new Michelin LT-rated spare as well (~$1,500) + the Gatorback replacement ($300). I don't understand why with an FX4 Off Road package they do not come stock with LT tires instead of P rated. I suppose they figure anyone taking a truck off-road will be buying the Raptor. I knew I should have replaced the tires right away as soon as I drove it off the dealer lot--lesson learned and a mistake I won't make again.

At any rate, no mud flap would have survived that tire explosion, and in fact some other brand of mud flap may have caused some damage to the truck--the way the Gatorback handled it there was no damage to the truck at all.
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