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What are the real costs of owning a diesel truck

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I found an interesting article about pros and cons of having Turbo-diesel pickup truck. After reading it you may reconsider buying diesel version of a truck. The decision comes down to how long you plan to own and use the truck. If you plan to drive it at least 100,000 miles (perhaps 150,000 miles) and use it for hauling and/or towing, then a diesel half-ton starts to make financial sense.

Check it out, it may help you to make your final purchase decision.

The link - tfltruck.com/2017/11/real-cost-diesel-half-ton-pickup-truck-ask-tfltruck
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Regular oil and fuel filter changes are the norm even with gas pickups, though EGR, particulate filter, and DEF system repairs do look daunting. But that's where extended warranty comes in if you plan to own a F-150 for a long time instead of just leasing one for a few years.
well owning a pickup was never going to be cheap, especially if you do like towing heavy loads as that's more wear and tear over time. If we weren't prepared for the costs then we would have gone with and SUV or something from one of the Japanese brands.
For this reason i have seen people buy bigger F Series trucks running diesel on the used market for cheap which right away saves you a ton of money which can then be used for maintenance. However having a shiny new toy is hard to get away from, not everyone is willing to buy a product that used with such a low margin.
Older models are always cheaper, but the costs of what could break down may not be worth it. To each their own I suppose, but a new Diesel will have at least 3 years of warranty and then it should last even longer without many problems.
That's true but it really comes down to the individual as there are so many factors that can either make it a good idea or horrible. Getting a good deal is really at the forefront of this. Heck even some owners of the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel got good dealers buying these new.
They don't mention anything about timing belt changes, which the 3.0L Lion Diesel has in the Range Rovers.
(Kind of sad that they are going this route).
They claim a change interval of 150K miles, but, I would be scared to run the belt that long.
Even range rover dealerships don't do that.

Also strange that they mention high octane gas for ecoboost engines (which is not a requirement unless towing?)
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