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Whats a good tuner for stock truck?

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Is there a tuner something like the stealth that wakes the truck up a little? Something that doesnt affect warranty? Or even something that has gauges/gauge that allows you to see when regens are about to happen etc..? I doubt ill delete anything until the 4-5 year mark due to the 5 yr engine warranty. Right now i keep getting P2457 codes when its regenerating. Waiting for a egr actuator part from dealer
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Proven Diesel on EzLynk PM Me. or just just gauges a Banks iDASH or Edge CTS2
Is there a tuner that can't be traced. I have been waiting to see if Banks comes up with something or Green deisel.
anybody have any information. Need to do something or go back to an eco boost. The turbo was replaced at about 12000 miles, Currently have 18000 on it and sometimes it will take off like a jackrabbit or just won't go and that's not cool pulling into traffic. The dealer has had it twice in the last 6 weeks and all the have done is a reflash. I don't know how but when I got it back the auto stop/start was working again. I had it disabled for a long time using forscan.
Pedal Commander is untraceable.
This one also worked for a guy. We tried it on his 3.0

The stealth module is also untraceable.
It's interesting as I have been researching this for a bit. Oddly, some tuners that previously had tunes no longer offer them. I reached out to one individual that I knew was running a tune from one of these companies to ask if he had any issues and although he said he had not, he was told to stop running that particular tune. I reached out to the tuner and they wouldn't say much other than "it is not longer offered". They wouldn't say anything else when I pressed a little. I run the Stealth module which is fine but honestly it's hard to tell the difference between it and just running the truck in "Sport" mode which I continue to do anyhow.

I would be very interested in running tunes on my truck but other then 5star and a few odds and ends, they are hard to track down. It appears as the 5star gets about 50HP or so which is about the highest I have seen. I am wondering if anyone else has had any other luck with running tunes and have been happy with the results. Thanks for any insight.
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As stated above PM me I can help
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