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Who here is waiting for the Green Diesel tune?

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I was looking at the green diesel tune reviews and read up on their general tuning focus and i am very excited to try it out..
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I've never put a tune on a truck before, but I am waiting on GDE tune availability (they are now saying 2020 as they have had to spend 3 months assisting EcoDiesel owners to remove their tunes so they can get their $2,500 rebate going on now as mentioned in a post by @KR2018 ), and at that time will consider to do it or not. My truck has been running so well in the first 15,000 miles that I almost don't have a reason to play with a tuner though.
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I’m waiting for it. **** I hate waiting!!!!!
Realize what GDE tuning does for the Rams, from my experience and many others. Shuts off EGR and keeps most of the soot out of the oil. My oil tests at 10,000 miles show less than .1% soot. Oil looks amber at 10,000 miles! Next, the tune reduces "regens" from, maybe 150 miles to once every 750-775 miles. Fuel injection pulse width is altered for cleaner, smoother and more economical operation. Lastly, imho, is the added power and torque. I ran my Ram on a Mustang Dyno, before and after tune. Results were on par with the chart on GDE's web site. In other words, the RWHP/TQ are right at the advertised crankshaft ratings. That is quite a boost. After towing a few trailers up to 10,000 lbs, I can say, the GDE tuned diesel with stock 3:92 gears tows much better than my last hemi Ram did, at least in the hills. My friend with a 6L Silverado 2500 was amazed, said his Chevy would have been screaming on the big hills. I believe, a GDE tuned 3L Ecodiesel will easily pass all 50 states emissions. Lastly, GDE's customer support is second to none. If you are looking for black smoke and tire ripping power, I don't think you will be happy. I've gotten over 900 miles on a 26 gallon tank several times, after tuning. +2 to+4 more mpgs for me. I've gotten 35.4 mpgs, been able to average over 40 mpgs for a hundred miles or so, takes a lot of right foot control, though.


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Holding off on truck purchase until there are reviews of a remedy for the regen frequency. Extreme? Maybe, but not in a hurry and wanting to ensure a good fit for me. If the manufacturers were able to release a truck that performs as hydrex's does there would certainly be a Lariat in my garage today. Thanks EPA.
is GDE tune available yet if not what are you guys running
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