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Have a 2018 Platinum, currently only 4,000 miles, but never a problem since I bought in last April. The date on the build sticker says 10/18 so I suppose it is one of the last 2018's before the 19's were made. It has had the EGR recall done for the screws before I bought it, and everything is working very well.

Investigating currently to see if anyone is making soot/engine oil separators that will filter the soot from the engine oil. Plenty available for the big Power Strokes, not seeing anything for the 3.0L yet. Had the first oil change at 900 miles, will be switching to Amsoil at 5000. The oil is already black, so I am having issues thinking that 10K oil changes is just down right stupid. Until someone makes that oil soot filter, and hopefully they do...this engine is getting its oil changed every 5K.
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