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2018 White extended cab 6.5 foot bed FX4 Tow package Lariat
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Has anybody ever had this happen??
Local dealer said my 2018 F-150 will take three days work to swap out the EGR on a recall !!!! And get this, because it will not fit on their lift.
It had to have been put on a lift for inspection, didn't have a problem fitting then.
Called a friend that sells lifts, He says the only factors in getting a lift are of course price your willing to pay, and lifting capacity, until you get up to commercial trucks that require a specialized lift for very heavy vehicles, witch wouldn't be needed for a 150, he went on to say that they should be able to put my 150 on any standard lift that is rated to lift most standard vehicles from a tiny compact up to full sized trucks. And he is not getting a run on lifts for new 150s that don't fit on existing lifts. SOoooo, is that some F*cked up bullsh*t or what??

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Find another dealer. Where are you located? A F150 fits on a standard lift and you dont even need to lift it to do this recall, infact lifting it would make it harder!

Again, Find another dealer. You do not want someone like that working on it.
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